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The Turkish journey to Gaziantep started in the proper manner: We started our first morning in Turkey with a double breakfast. As a Turkish military acquaintance, we asked him for some tips and went straight to Turkey to fill out the details for those of you who did not follow this post. When we arrived we had no plans to do much, we had to drive home to Jonathan and make sure we got on a plane that was flying 150 miles away to the city of Adana.

This will be the dam Erdogan wants at a time when Turkey is also affected by the worldwide outbreak of the coronavirus. Erdogan thanked everyone who worked at Hydraulic, the state that worked with them and the value they brought to the country. He asked those present to leave the scissors in memory of the day the ribbon was cut, saying: "Concessions and investments." Erdogan said 600 percent of the physical realization was achieved with the Cetintepe dam, which will irrigate 75,000 hectares of land.

You can read all about this on our Travel Resources for Turkey page, including ordering your visa online. Domestic flights are relatively cheap in Turkey and an excellent way to visit the city. It's a 90-minute flight from Istanbul, so it's highly likely you'll get a cheap flight. You will arrive at Istanbul International Airport where you will meet your representative and be transferred to your hotel.

Gaziantep may not be on your list of hotspots or destinations, but if you want to be off the beaten track, it's worth a trip. You can move around other neighborhoods and take a look at student, hipster and Syrian life. Although we couldn't find great travel tips or advice from the locals about the city itself, you should keep in mind that you want some of it.

Take your time and explore the aromatic spice stalls of Gaziantep, such as spice stalls, bakeries, markets and restaurants. You can sing along when fishmongers, bakers, butchers and grocers lure you to their stands.

The best alcoholic complement to meat is kadikoy, an anisoflavoured drink often diluted with water and cooled with ice. I # Ve noted that this is what most people eat in Istanbul, but not in Gaziantep. Breakfast is a good opportunity to opt for the classic Beyran soup or a hearty breakfast sandwich, like the one pictured above.

Sanliurfa is also known in Turkey as the home of dried dark red peppers, which are a staple of local cuisine. The pepper, used in its diverse range of kebab and lahmacun, is an outstanding ingredient in the dish, which consists of ground lamb and vegetables fried in a thin iron ball.

Specialties include kebab with keme antep (truffle) and simit ke babs, made from fine bulgur with spices. A refuge for pistachios in Turkey, the rich flavor of pistachios is born from the classic varieties you will find here, such as ali nazik, sarma and beyti. To taste this delicious dish and the variety of other dishes makes things easier.

When in Gaziantep, never forget to eat at the Bayazhan restaurant. Sometimes it becomes countless to eat bread, but over time we got to know the Simit bread (also labeled on this photo) and it seems to be a lifesaver for a quick snack. This dessert, made from bread with sugar syrup, is usually topped with clotted cream, crushed nuts or a combination of both. Kekmek kadayifi, a highly seasoned dry meat with sweet sauce, and kebab with keme antep (truffle).

You will visit the palace kitchens and the Helvahane district and learn about the culinary culture of 400 years.

There is a covered bazaar dating back to 1781 and comprising 73 shops, many of which sell colourful spices and dried fruit. Here you can buy things your family and friends will love, such as spices, herbs and spices. There are food cities in Turkey that have been recognized by Unesco as creative cities of gastronomy. Turkish food is on the list of intangible cultural heritage and there is no doubt that it is Turkish food.

If you don't have time to visit the city in southeastern Turkey, you can go to one of the remarkable Gaziantep restaurants in Istanbul to sample this legendary cuisine. When you taste the must, try Turkish food and try some legendary cuisine in the cities of Istanbul, Ankara, Istanbul and Istanbul.

If you go to Gaziantep to taste the food, you should definitely plan a visit to the historic market, where you will get an impression of what this historic market looks like. Across the river are the European and Asian parts of Istanbul, and you can take a ferry to explore the historic markets and restaurants of this beautiful city in southeastern Turkey. Just steps away from the Egyptian bazaar Eminonu, Hamdi's restaurant is not just a stop on the way to the bazaar destination. They serve first-class meat dishes, juicy skewers cooked on the open grill, and Katmer desserts filled with heavenly pistachios.

More About Gaziantep

More About Gaziantep