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This article is part of a series of articles about cities in southeastern Turkey famous for their Turkish cuisine. We visited Istanbul to enjoy some of the best food and drinks in the city, as well as the famous restaurant in Giza.

Apart from the above, the other - try dishes in Gaziantep are the totally peeled - about, but also At home - bought dishes such as baklava, tahini, kimchi and bok choy. We had a lot of good food in Giza, with some of the best restaurants in the city and other parts of Southeast Turkey.

Turkey is the birthplace of this popular dish, which is found in many variations in Antep, but originates from Turkey. Turkish cuisine is on the Unesco list of intangible cultural heritage and is one of the most popular foods in the world, but also in Europe. There are food cities in Turkey that are recognized by UnESco as Creative Cities of Gastronomy. This is because food is part of our cultural heritage, not only in Gaziantep, but also in other cities.

Although Gaziantep cannot be made the food capital of the world, there are many examples of wonderful restaurants in Gaziantep. When you taste the must - try the dishes of Turkey - you will be amazed by the variety of food in the city and the quality of the food.

If you happen to own an apartment or villa in Turkey and live in Izmir, try Gaziantep if you can. I would recommend the one developed by nutritionist and Turkish chef Huseyin Ozer. Baklava in London is made from the same ingredients as in Antep, but in a different way. When you visit Gazianep, you will find authentic "Antep Baklavas," made from fresh fruit, vegetables, herbs, spices and spices, as well as a little salt and pepper.

At Yalcinkaya, an Aegean restaurant in Istanbul, they have reinvented the traditional antep, which tastes like a fried eggplant delicacy traditionally served with lamb.

Of course, you can also find the famous pistachio nuts in the Simit Kebab, where you can find a mixture of meat and bulgur smothered in pistachio puree. Baklava is found throughout Turkey, and there are many famous shops in Istanbul that claim to have Gaziantep baklava. In Istanbul, the best baklavas of all places are the hands of Karakoy Gulluoglu, who has explained that they use the same ingredients used in the production. Pistachios and baksava are considered the "best in the world" and it is the only Turkish food to have achieved the status of a food officially protected by the European Union.

Meatballs have become popular and are now available in restaurants across Turkey. Lokantasi is a simple local food that can be ordered for half the price from fancy restaurants.

Turkish cuisine and can be found nationwide, but what makes the food of Gaziantep different, makes it different. It is also one of the most popular dishes of the city, with a wide variety of flavors and flavors.

This is a list of regional dishes made from pistachio Gaziantep, prepared in such a way that you can find examples of this dish in Turkey if you eat in your home country or if it is one of the most popular dishes in your region, such as Ali Nazik. As with most dishes, you will find the best version here, but also in other parts of Turkey, such as Istanbul, Ankara, Istanbul and Istanbul. It is the main dish of Gazantep cuisine, which can come from anything you can find in Turkey and Gazianep.

Armenian, Kurdish and Middle Eastern influences are strong in culture and food, but the location and history mean there is much more diversity than you can find anywhere else in Turkey. The fact that pistachios are grown in this region in Gaziantep and in other parts of Turkey means that you can get the best damn baklava in the world here. One can only imagine how delicious the good stuff is, and it will probably still be the most ordinary baklavas in Gazaterep. I think nohut durum is fine if you eat it from Gazianep for three days in a row (that's it), but in Istanbul you would pay more than you would pay to get it, which is about twice as much as you pay in Gazantep, for example!

If you are visiting during this time, you can also enjoy delicious kebab kebabs from Istanbul, but look for Keme. Bayazhan is a popular restaurant where you can enjoy some of the best baklava in Gazantep as well as some other delicious dishes.

This cuisine also plays a major role in the traditions and culture of Turkey and is recognized as a World Heritage Site. Turkish cuisine of the highest quality and there is no better place in the world to experience it than Gazantep. While other places in Turkey are getting more attention, this World Heritage-listed cuisine deserves your weekend break.

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More About Gaziantep